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September 24, 2015

Meet one of our long time supporters, Sarah Bennett.

Sarah Bennett has always back Rivonia Inc. in our goal of creating a world of safety for those affected by sexual and labor trafficking.

She also was the first board president of Rivonia Inc.

Because of Sarah's support for us we encourage you to look into her work with the Young Masters Art Gallery. The Young Masters Art Gallery was established in 2002 to showcase the creations of young artists within her community. Past the gallery for children, Sarah has turned the Young Masters Art Gallery into something special, by creating Playshops that allow grownups to explore their creativity and remain a artist.

Sarah's art has allowed the Young Masters Art Gallery to donate to nonprofit organizations in need of financial funding.

See some of Sarah's work with the Young Masters Art Gallery with the link below!

Young Masters Art Gallery Logo

Hello my name is Angelika, and I am a cofounder of Rivonia.

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