Where is Rivonia, Inc. now?

August 7, 2019

   For the past 9 years, I have worked in the victim services field and offered intensive case management to victims of human trafficking and trained victim service providers, law enforcement personnel, and community members on identifying victims of human trafficking. I worked statewide and learned a great deal of the various communities dealing with the existing problem of human trafficking. Many hurdles were identified when one gained the knowledge of how intertwined human trafficking is in society and the very different approaches utilized to help victims of human trafficking. Acknowledging that society is shying away from tackling the root cause of human trafficking, which includes oppression, discrimination, disempowerment, and greed, became a more important issue to conquer. It became clear to Rivonia Inc.’s team that just offering a band-aid with not enough meaningful resources will no longer be sufficient! The team gathered their attained knowledge about human trafficking and society, and decided a different route is needed – not just for the clients’ but for the team as well.

   Expansive research was conducted by the team to search for existing service and business models to accommodate clients’ real desires and to offer clients a path to propel them forward with evidence-based preventive interventions.. The team fostered a respectful work environment to be able to connect with many marginalized communities to understand what the unaddressed issues are to prevent human trafficking in their communities. After having worked with hundreds of victims of human trafficking, domestic and foreign nationals, and built necessary work connections with minority service providers a new path crystalized itself for the team.

   Our mantra is “Change starts here”! Our journey through the past years has opened the path to understand why human trafficking happens and what Rivonia, Inc.’s next steps should be. We are in the process of finalizing partnerships, global and local, to instill preventive measures to loosen the grip of human traffickers. After having come to the realization that we needed to change our approach on how to tackle the problem of human trafficking, the team is excited to focus on preventive measures to offer clients a new perspective. However, the team does understand that case management, mentoring, and offering resources is still a much-needed part of the work and Rivonia, Inc. will not abandon its foundational roots.



Hello my name is Angelika, and I am a cofounder of Rivonia.

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